Business Receipt Templates

Business receipt templates are widely used for the official purposes in an organization for confirming the business transaction receipts. Such a business receipt template is treated as formal consideration. A business receipt template is exchanged between the two business entities and entrepreneurs.  Contact details of the organizations, subject, and detail of the receipt and payment transaction are the major attributes included in the business receipt template. A business receipt can be sent on receiving or clearing an invoice, payment transaction and on receiving official project & documents, etc.

Sample Business receipt templates:

Receipt number: ______________ [an internal number for records]

Date: ____/____/____ [date on which the business receipts is sent]

Receipt dispatched from:

Name: __________________

Address: ________________

Phone number: __________   [contact details of the company]

Receipt sent to:

Name of the company: ____________________

Address: ________________________________

Contact number: _________________________ [details of the receipt receiver organization]

Date of receipt: ___/___/____ [date on which the receipt is received]

Description of receipt:

Category of the receipt (invoice/ payment receipt/ project reception/ document reception:  ________________________

Mode of the payment (Cash, Demand draft, Cheque, Online transfer): __________________ [Give the option which was used to transfer the amount]

Payment done to the account number: _________________ [mention the account number of the company in which the payment is transacted if it is done through bank transfer]

Payment transacted on: ____/____/___ [date on which money transfer is done]

Payment balance due: ____________________ [mention the amount in the local currency, if there is any]

Prepared by: [signatures are required for approving the receipt]

Name: ____________________

Designation: ________________

Department: ________________

Checked by: _________________ [fill the required details]

Organization stamp: ______________________ [seal of the company for authentication]

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