Small Business Receipt Template

Small business receipt template refers to the blueprint of the receipt structures used for small business transaction operation. It serves as a proof of business transactions like purchase and contracts by virtue of which court or legal measures are triggered.  The income and expenses of business operations should be always recorded in well-developed receipt forms. A businessman must have a good knowledge base about the elements of the various types of receipts such as cash receipt, payment receipt, goods receipt, sale receipt and the like which should be designed strategically. The receipts should be filed in appropriate folders so that they may be readily reproduced on demand.

You can Download the Free Small Business Receipt Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Small Business Receipt Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Small Business Receipt Template

Small Business Receipt Template

Download Small Business Receipt Template

Receipt number: ___________ [Mention the receipt number relevant to the business transaction] Name: ______________________________ [State the name of the small business firm]
Receipt date: _______ [Mention the date of receipt in dd/mm/yy] Address: ____________________________ [State the official address]
Payment method [Mark the payment means along with necessary details of the same]: 1. Cash 2. Cheque 3. Credit Card

Cheque number ______________

Credit card number ______________

Description: ___________________ [Elucidate the  use and purpose of the receipt]
Name of the supplier: _________________ [Mention the name of the supplier of goods]
SERIAL NUMBER [Mention the serial number of the good] NAME [Mention the name of the good] QUANTITY [Mention the amount of good supplied] TOTAL PRICE [Mention the total price of the good in dollars]
Total Amount Due ________________

Total Amount To be Paid Inclusive of Sales Tax________________

SIGNATURE: ____________ COMMENTS: _____________________________

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