Business Expense Report Template

A business expense report template is a document that gives a detailed record of all the business expenses incurred in a particular interval of time. The template should contain enough spaces for putting all the transactions that fall under the category of “business expense” and should be reported properly for the knowledge and understanding of the status of business by the recipients of the document. The expenses of a business are one of the most important factors that determine its growth, depending on the ability to control the expenses; hence, the template should bring out authentic details as any minute error can also affect the decision-making and planning of business activities, which may hamper future developments.

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Sample Business Expense Report Template:

Business Expense Report Template

Download Business Expense Report Template


[mention the name of the business]

Address: _____________________________________________ [give proper mailing address]
Contact number: _____________________ [provide telephone number]

_____________________ [fax number]

Website address: ____________________ [give the email id]

Business expense prepared for: ______________ to ________________

[mention the time period considered for the expense report]

Report prepared by: ________________________________

[mention name(s) of individual(s) who have framed the business expense report]

Business expense report commissioned by: ___________________________________

[mention the name of organization, company or business commissioning the report]

Sl. No. Expense details

[mention the transactions which led to business expense]


[mention the corresponding amount of expense]


[mention the date on which the expense was incurred]


[provide suggestions to deal with the expenses]

Total amount: ________________ [mention the total amount of expense]
Signature: _______________________ [provide signature of business head or representative]

Official seal: _________________ [provide stamp or seal of the business]

Date: ____________ [give proper date]

Place: ____________________ [mention the place]

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