Business Report Templates

Business report templates are the formally generated patterns to estimate the current business market conditions. However, the template can be varied according to the different business categories, but the motto of drafting and preparing the business report remains same. A business report is gathered from the concerned department of a business organization.  A business report is beneficial for evaluating the overall performance of the business.

Sample Business report templates:

Business report number: ______________ [an authenticated internal number]

Date: ___/____/_____ [date on which the business report is submitted]

Name of the organization: ____________

Address; __________________________

Contact details: ______________________ [business company contact details as required for keeping records]

Segment of the business: _______________ [business information which is mandatory to be filled]

Type of the report (marketing/ sales/ services): ___________________ [choose the type of business]

Number of department associated with the business: _______________ [departments who has participated in preparing the business report]

Total count of the dealers of the business: ______________________ [it is essential to mention the count of dealers as the basic report is gathered from them]

Business report briefing:

Sales & Marketing field:

Total sales recorded   Total Marketing material utilized   Total products/ services sold

_____________     ________________________        _______________________

[Mention the total count in the local currency]

Expenditure report:

Total amount spend over marketing strategies   cost of marketing material printed

____________________________________    ____________________________ [amount in the local currency]

Customer service report:

No. of customers complaints received    No. of complaints closed   No. of complaints opened

_____________________________    ______________________   ____________________ [mention the numeric count as required]

Feedback of customers:

Total percentage of feedback received: ____%

Percentage of positive feedback recorded: ____%

Percentage of negative feedback reposted: _____%

Business report compiled by: _________________________________

Name: ___________________________________________________

Designation: ______________________________________________

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