Business Trip Report Template

A business trip report template is a stylised format used for creating an account of a trip made for business purpose. It deliberates on the events that transpire during the trip and lays down the distinctive features of the trip that are particularly significant in the context of the business action. Such reports are usually written to send them to the higher officials and to furnish them with a detailed description of the business trip. This enables them to create a picture of the developments of the business and devise more strategies accordingly. Therefore it is an extremely important document and should be prepared attentively and maturely.

You can Download the Free Business Trip Report Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Trip Report Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Trip Report Template

Business Trip Report Template

Download Business Trip Report Template

Name: _________ [Provide name of the company which organised the business trip]
Nature of business: __________ [State the nature of business of the concerned company]
Report written to: ___________ [Name the person to whom the report is written]
Author of the report: _________ [Name the author who writes the report]
Reason: ________________ [Provide reasons for writing the report]
Date: ________ [Give the date of preparation of report] Trip period: _____________ [Give dates of the tour span] Destination: ____________ [Name the place of outing]
Purpose: [Enumerate the objectives behind conducting the business tour]
Events: [Enumerate the happenings and occurrences witnessed in the trip]
Highlights: [Enumerate the significant points of the business events]
Business developments: [Enunciate the effects of the trip on the business]
Suggestions: [Enlist important suggestions based on trip experience]
Signature: _________________________ [Provide signature of the author]

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