Sample Business Report Template

A sample business report template actually presents an outline of a document that accounts for the major operations and activities carried out by a particular business organization in a specific interval of time. The template is generally of such a format wherein there are provisions for filling up with details of the firm’s functioning procedures adopted, targets met, shares distributed and obviously a complete record of the costs incurred and gross profit or loss generated during that particular time span. The business report document is often sent to the investors, creditors, shareholders, various companies related to the business and certain prospective clients as well; hence, the template should be prepared in a way such that it brings out the most appropriate details which will be clear, concise and understandable to not just the makers but to all.

You can Download the Free Sample Business Report Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Sample Business Report Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Report Template:

Sample Business Report Template

Download Sample Business Report Template

Name of business: ________________________________________ [mention the name of the business firm]

Address: _____________________________________ [give proper mailing address]

Contact details: ____________________ [provide telephone and/or fax number and also the email address]

Business Report prepared for: _____________ to _____________ [mention the dates and the exact span for which the report has been prepared]
Business report prepared by: ________________________ [mention the name of the particular person or all team members who have prepared the report]


[mention the objective(s) of the business report template]

Sl. No. Particulars

[mention the relevant issues which form part of the business report]


[provide required details of the particulars]


[provide proper dates if operation]

Financial aspects: ______________________________________

[mention the amounts as gained or lost and give details of other issues that involve finance]

Other details:

____________________________________________________________ [mention other relevant points, if any, that would form part of the business report]

Signature: ____________________________ [this portion is to be signed by the business head or representative]

Date: _____________ [give proper date of report preparation]

Place: ___________________ [mention the place where it has been framed]

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