Business Requirement Gathering Template

A business requirement gathering template is a document that not only states the various requirements of the business firm or some particular project, but also specifies the mode, place, last date and other such necessary details of gathering the requirements. The details of gathering are often important issues as they comply with the specific needs of the corresponding requirements and should thus be stated accordingly. A template of this form and purpose is generally presented before the respective departments, which will help in the process of gathering; hence, an outline of the business and the exact needs of the firm or project should be contained in the document for better knowledge and understanding.

You can Download the Free Business Requirement Gathering Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Requirement Gathering Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Requirement Gathering Template:

Business Requirement Gathering Template

Download Business Requirement Gathering Template

Name of the business: _______________________

[mention the name of the business firm]

Business Requirement Gathering
Address: ________________________

[give proper mailing address]

Prepared on: ______________ [mention the date of preparation of the document]
Contact details: _________________ [telephone]

_________________ [fax]

____________ [email id]

Prepared by: _____________________________

[mention name of the person or the group preparing the document]

Purpose: __________________________________________ [mention the purpose for the preparation of business requirement gathering document]
Nature of the business:

_________________________________________________________________ [briefly describe the type of business conducted and the relation with the current requirements and their gathering details]

Sl. No. Business Requirement

[state the requirements to be gathered]


[mention the specific process by which it is to be gathered]


[give exact location wherefrom it is to be gathered]

Last Date

[give the last date before which the requirement should be gathered]

Other details

[mention if there remains any other specific detail of gathering]

______________________________ [signature of concerned authority]
________________________ [Business seal or stamp]

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