Business Requirement Template

A business requirement template is a document that contains details of the various needs and necessities, supplies, etc. required for the operation of a particular business firm or some business project. The template should be designed in such a manner that it provides enough hints for the proper filling up with particulars that are officially termed as the “business requirement”. The requirements may vary from quality raw materials to machines, equipments, and labor as well, including other factors such as a well-thriving market, potential investors, as well as prominent clients. The template should be kept simple and concise but should clearly contain all required details as it is generally reported to the higher authorities for approval and acquiring of the requirements.

You can Download the Free Business Requirement Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Requirement Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Requirement Template:

Business Requirement Template

Download Business Requirement Template

Business Requirement

For _________

_________________________________________ [name of business]

_______________________________ [address]

__________________ [contact number]

_________________ [website address]

Name of author: _______________________ [mention the name of the person who has prepared this document]
Business overview: ____________________________________ [give a brief description of the respective business and state the major requirements]
Sl. No. Business Requirement Parameters Description Required for

[mention the exact purpose of requirement]

Required by

[mention the last date within which it is required]

1. Property [land, area, building]
2. Raw materials
3. Machine, equipments, tools
4. Work force [including employees, worker, manager, supervisor, etc.]
5. Capital [include requirement of sponsorships, donations, etc.]
6. Other requirements [mention other miscellaneous needs]
Signature of approval: ________________________ [to be signed by the higher authority on acceptance of the document]
_______________________ [Signature of business head]

_______________________ [Signature of the author of the document]

Date: ______________                                                               Place: ___________________

[mention the date and place of preparing the document]

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