Business Requirement Templates

Business requirement templates, as the name depicts, are processed for identifying the genuine requirements of the resources and are drafted by emphasizing on the associated facts of the business. The business requirements can be new or can be occurred due to certain changes.  Such a template is taken as priority as the growth of the business is associated with this.

Sample business requirement templates:

Requirement template number: _________________ [as assigned for future records]

Date: ___/____/____ [on which the requirement template is submitted for consideration]

Name of the business organization: ______________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Contact number: ______________________________________ [this field is mandatory to fill as it is kept for record shelves]

Segment of the business: _________________________________ [do mention the category of business when an organization is dealing in a number of businesses]

Name of the concerned department: _________________________ [A template report is generated by this department]

Requirement details:

Category of the business requirements (security/ sales/ marketing/ performance/ user/ Availability): __________________

Scope of the requirements: ___________________________ [this explains how the fulfilment of the requirement is essential]

Provide the details of the resources needed to meet the requirements:

________________________________________________ [give the brief description of the resources required for fulfilling the business requirement in the template]

Is there any change that has occurred in the business flow for which the new requirements are generated: _________________________ [this section states the reason behind the requirements]

Business objective to be targeted with the fulfilment of such requirements:


Mention the brief description, if the demanded business favours are technical: ______________ [provide if there is any technical requirement]

Review and Approval signatures:

Submitted to: __________________ [name of the concerned person & designation]

Designation: __________________

Prepared by: __________________

Checked by the department: __________________ [signature of the authority]

Organization seal: _______________


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