Sample Project Scope Statements

The success or failure of any type of organization is directly dependent on the efficiency of the project management team. The sharper the project management team is, the more revenue an organization earns. Now let’s talk about another important constituent needed by the project management team. The constituent is called as the scope statement and it is essentially a written outline of the project depicting the project’s purpose, the strategies to be used, the participating members and many more information. A well prepared scope statement ensures less number of problems in the midway during the execution of the projects. In this particular article, let’s talk about how to write some sample project scope statements for getting the maximum success in the projects.

Tips For An Effective Scope Statement

ü  A scope statement should consist of well-defined sections starting from project overview, project purpose, scope of the project, the associated project milestones, project approach, outstanding issues, approvals, references, quality objectives, quality control activities and finally the project schedule.

ü  Each and every section should be provided with the specific details in a very clear way.

ü  The various types of backup strategies that should be implemented on the failure of the regular strategies; should be outlined under the project approach.

ü  The scope statement should be written in such a way that it is easily understandable by the stakeholders.



Scope Statements

Sample Statements


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