Business Resume Template

A Business resume template is a readymade document which is used by individuals who wish to apply for a job in a business organisation. These types of documents provide complete details of the candidate including his educational qualifications, skills and experience so as to attract the potential employer.

A Business resume template can be used to apply for various job posts like business consultant, business analyst, business development manager and others. As per the job profile and other requirements, these templates can be customized.

Sample Business Resume Template

Curriculum Vitae

Name: _______________________[ Name of the candidate applying for the job]

Address: _____________________[ Address of the candidate]

Phone Number: ____________________

EMail : ________________________________

Marital Status: __________________________________________

[This section provides the personal details of the individual ]

Career Objective

I wish to work in an organisation like yours where my ___________ [mention the skills] can be utilised for the growth of the organisation. As, _______________ [mention the post applied for] I can assure you of providing good work.

Educational Qualifications[ This section mention the educational qualifications of the candidate]

  • Bachelors Degree in __________ [ Subject Name] from ___________[ University Name] in the year __________ [ year in which bachelors degree was obtained]
  • Post Graduate  Degree in __________ [ Subject Name] from ___________[ University Name] in the year __________ [ year in which post graduate degree was obtained]
  • Completed certificate/Diploma in ___________________ [area of specialisation] from _______________ [name of institute or university] in the year _____________.

Skill Sets: [ This section mention about the skills possessed by the candidate]

  • Complete knowledge of Business terms
  • Thorough knowledge of Computers
  • __________________
  • ____________________
  • _________________
  • ___________________[ Mention about all other skills]

Professional Experience: [ This section provide details about the experience of the candidate]

_____________________[ Name of the Company]  _____ [ date of joining] to ______________[ date till when job was done]

Job Position: ________________

Responsibilities and Duties :

  • _________________
  • __________________
  • ___________________
  • ____________________

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