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Resume plays a very important role for getting a job in all types of organisations including business set ups. A Business resume is drafted in such a manner so that is showcases the needed business skills and educational qualifications of the candidate applying for the job. In order to draft an effective business resume, business resume templates are very helpful. These types of templates contain the broad guidelines on the basic of which a resume can be drafted.

There are various different types of business resume templates and some of the examples are as following:

  • Professional Business resume template
  • Business Analyst Resume Template
  • Business Administrator resumes template and others.

Factors to be considered while drafting a business resume template:

  • Personal Details of the candidate: The first section of the template should include the name, address and other personal details of the candidate, so that an employer can reach him if needed.
  • Career Objective: The next part should be the career objective or the career statement which mention the goals of the candidate in brief.
  • Educational Qualifications: This section is one of the important parts of the resume template as it provides complete educational details of the candidate. Details of additional courses, diplomas or certificates done can also be mentioned in this section.
  • Employment History: This section provides the professional experience and the complete work history of the candidate.
  • Achievements/ References: The last section can include the details of the achievements and references from earlier jobs.

Business Resume Template

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