Music Business Resume Template

Music industry is growing rapidly these days which is also creating a lot of job opportunities for the people. While applying for a job in a music business a well drafted resume plays a very important role as it is the first thing that will catch the attention of the employer. In order to create an effective resume a music business resume template can be used. These templates come with a flexible format and then other details can be filled in as per the job post.

Sample Music Business Resume Template

Personal Details: [ This section provides the personal details of the candidate]

Name :  _______________

Address: _______________

Date of Birth: _______________

Email Id: _______________

Career Statement

Looking forward to work at a challenging position of ______________[ name of the job post] where I can get a platform to showcase my ________________[ skills/traits]

Skill Sets: [ This section mention about the skill sets of the candidate which are needed for the job post]

  • Knowledge of ____________[ related field]
  • Experience in _______________
  • Capability of _____________
  • Other Skills
  • Other Skills

Work Experience:

Job Profile 1: [ This mention the latest job at which the candidate is employed at]

From ___________ to Present

Job Position:   _______________________

Name of the Organisation: ____________

Job Profile 2: [ This mention the previous job experience]

From ___________ to ____________

Job Position:   _______________________

Name of the Organisation: ____________

Achievements: [ This section mentions the achievements of the candidate]

  • Awarded___________[ mention the name of the award or recognition]
  • Awarded___________
    • Other achievements…


Available upon request.

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