Business Sale Agreement Template

A business sale agreement is a document which is entered between two organisation or individuals when they wish to sale their business or its assets or liabilities. These types of agreements contain details of the parties involved and the terms and conditions agreed between the parties.  Since drafting a business sale agreement is a tricky and a time consuming task, the use of Business sale agreement template comes very handy. These types of templates are readymade documents which provide the format in which these agreements should be drafted.

Sample Business Sale Agreement Template

Business Sales Agreement

Agreement Number: _____________[ mention the number of the agreement document]

This business sales agreement is signed on ___________ [date on which the agreement is signed] between ____________ [name of the party 1] hereafter known as VENDOR and _____________ [name of party 2] hereafter known as the PURCHASER. As per this agreement, the vendor agrees to sell the assets of the business to the purchaser on the agreed amount.

Details of both the parties are given below:

VENDOR[ Name of the party 1]


__________________[ Address of party 1]

PURCHASER[ Name of the party 2]


__________________[ Address of party 2]

Details of the assets sold by the VENDOR Company[ Details of the assets sold by the company]

  • All fixture and furniture’s
  • Saleable stocks
  • Useable parts and supplies
  • Leasehold internet in the name of the vendor

Terms and Conditions agreed by both the parties:

  • The PURCHASER  will pay total amt of ______$ [ total amount for all the assets] through _____________[ mode of payment] to the VENDOR by ____________[ date by which the payment has to be made]
  • The VENDOR agrees to provide the ownership of all the assets to the PURCHASER by____________[ date by which assets has to be given]
  • The agreement shall come to an end in case______________________[ conditions when agreement will come to an end]
  • Other terms and conditions
  • Other terms and conditions

Both the parties agree to the above given agreement and provides their signature below:

Name of the VENDOR: _______________________[ Signature]

Name of the PURCHASER: _______________________[ Signature]

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