Business Sale Contract Template

Business sale contract template is a ready to use document which lays down the format in which a business sale contract should be drafted. These types of templates can also be customized as per the needs of the business.  A business sale contract is a legal document which is entered when a business organisation wish to sell its entire business or its part to another organisation or individual.

Sample Business Sale Contract Template


Contract Number: ____________________[ Legal number of the contract]

This business sales contract is drafted between_________________[ Name of the party 1, which sells its business]  and _______________________[ name of the party 2, which agrees to buy the business], where  PARTY 1 Agrees to sell its business unit of _______________[ name of the business unit which is sold] to PARTY 2.

This agreement is signed on _______________[ date on which the agreement is signed]

Details of PARTY 1:

______________________ Address of PARTY 1


_______________________ Contact Details of PARTY 1

Details of PARTY 2:

______________________ Address of PARTY 2


_______________________ Contact Details of PARTY 2

Terms and Conditions Agreed Between the parties are as follows: [ This section provides the details of the various terms and conditions agreed between the parties]

  • PARTY 1 will sell only its ______________unit [name of the unit] to PARTY 2. The ownership of all the other units will remain with PARTY 1.
  • PARTY 2 will have to pay a total amount of ________$[ Amount for which the business is purchased] through _______[ mode of payment] by ________________[ date by which the amount is to be paid]
  • Other terms and conditions
  • Other terms and conditions
  • Other terms and conditions

Both the parties agree to the above given terms and condition and provide their signature below:

Signature________________ [ PARTY 1]

Signature________________[ PARTY 2]

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