Business Sales Letter Template

A business sales letter template is a well drafted document which lays down the format in which a business sales letter should be drafted. These types of letters are written in order to provide information about the products of the company to the existing or to the potential buyers.  These letters are also written when a business organisation provides some special offers so as to increase its sales. A business sales letter template can be customised to suit the needs and requirements of the business organisation.

Sample Business Sales Letter Template

Name and the Logo of the company sending the letter on the letterhead

___________________[ Name of the letter sending company]


___________________[ Address of the company]

dd/mm/yyyy                     [ date on which the letter is send]

_______________________[ Name of the receiving individual/company]


___________________[ Address of the company]

Sub: __________________________________________[ Subject of the letter]

Dear ____________[ name of the recipient]

We ____________[ name of the company] deals in _________________[ name of the products/services offered by the company] and can fulfil all your requirements______________________[ details of the requirements that the prospective buyer may have]

Our _________________ [details of the products] are of good quality and will perfectly match up with your requirements. [ Here provide the special qualities of your products which makes it different from the other companies products]

We assure you of providing the best rates _______________ [mention the rates] and excellent after sales services regarding [details of the after sales services]. We are herewith sending you the brochures of ___________ [details of the brochures or other documents send along with the letter.

In case of any further query you can feel free to contact us at_____________ [phone number of the company] or at[website address of the company].

Warmest Wishes,

____________________[ name of the sender]

___________________[ Designation of the sender]

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