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Business Sales template are the readymade documents which lays down the design in which various sales related document must be drafted. There is a wide range of sales document like sales report, sales letter, sales target record and other for which templates can be designed and used. These types of templates include the broad headings and categories whereas the other details have to be filled in by the user depending upon the type of document and needs. Free business sales template is easily available on various websites and can be used as per requirements.

Sample Free business sales template

_________________________________[ Name of the company for which document is prepared]

Monthly Sales Report  [ Type of sales document prepared]

Sales Report Prepared for ______________[ Name of the client for whom the report is prepared]

Report Prepared from ________________[ Starting date in dd/mm/yy format] to _____________[ date till when report is prepared]

Report Made by : _____________________[ Name of the person who made the report]

Report Verified by : __________________[ Name of the person who verified the report]

Date of Order[ Here mention the date when order was made by the client] Number of Units ordered[ Mention the total number of units mentioned by the client] Price Per Unit. Discount Given[ Here mention about any type of discount which is given to the client] Total Amt Paid
dd/mm/yyyy XXXXXX ___________$ _____________% _____________$
dd/mm/yyyy XXXXXX ___________$ _____________% _____________$
dd/mm/yyyy XXXXXX ___________$ _____________% _____________$
dd/mm/yyyy XXXXXX ___________$ _____________% _____________$
TOTAL SALES FOR THE MONTH XXXXXX[Total number of units mentioned in the month] ______% [ Total Discount given] ____________$

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