Sales Rep Business Plan Template

A sales representative is an important person in all types of business organisations as they are responsible for the sales of the company. In order to get maximum sales output from the efforts of the sales representative a sales rep business plan is made. These types of plans mention the strategy and the goals for the sales representative. A sales rep business plan template is thus a ready to use document which defines the design and the structure in which a sales rep business plan should be made.

Sample Sales Rep Business Plan Template

Sales Rep Business Plan Made for ____________________________________[ name of the company for which the plan is made]

INTRODUCTION: [ This is the starting of the document which gives a brief introduction of the plan]

KNOWLEDGE OF THE PRODUCTS: [ This section provides the complete knowledge of the products  that the company deals with so that the sales representative are aware about them and thus can handle the customers effectively]

  • Product 1 [ with description]
  • Product 2 [ with description]
  • Product 3 [ with description]

SALES GOALS: [This section of the document provides the sales gals of the company which can be in terms of amount or in terms of units sold. The goals can be decided on the basis of market survey, last year’s sales report and other such gathered data.]

[ A chart or a graph can also be used to show the sales goals]

EXECUTION OF THE SALES PLAN: [This section mentions the strategies so as to achieve the sales target.

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