Business Strategy Templates

Business strategy templates should be interactive and easy to understand. Such a template is prepared to frame strategies after conducting a business analysis to cover the weakness and lacks of the business. A business strategy template is the effective official presentation of the business policies, plans and course of action, which must be considered and executed for the growth of the business. This template is prepared by the accessing the previous records.

Sample business strategy templates:

Business strategy file number: ________________ [a number for internal records]

Date: ___/____/___ [on which the template is prepared]

Organization details:

Name: ____________________________

Address: ___________________________

Contact number: _____________________ [fill the required details]

Business details:

Name of the business: _________________-

Category; ___________________________

Concerned department: _______________ [provide the details]

Business strategy Agenda:  [give the required information in points rather than paragraphs]

Objective of the business strategy presentation: ____________________

Resources utilized to prepare the business strategies: ________________

Vision of this business strategy agenda: ___________________________

Challenges to be encountered: [use the technical data and statics to define this section]

  • Sales challenges: ___________________________________________
  • Marketing challenges: _________________________________
  • Technical challenges; ___________________________________________
  • Financial challenges: ___________________________________________

Key factors to be considered in the meetings: ______________________ [use the bulleted points to mention the core objectives to be taken care of]

Course of action plan: __________________________________________ [mention the plan to be followed]

Positive outcomes to be expected out of this business strategy agenda: _____________________________ [mention the details of the outcomes which are expected]

Obstacle to be handled: _____________________________________ [briefing the obstacles]

Prepared by: [signatures of the concerned persons]

Name: ________________________

Checked by: ___________________

Approved By: ___________________

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