Free Business Strategy Template

A free business strategy template is created to ensure successful development of the company. This highlights the current resources, market position and internal and external policies and reports. After this, the template makes provision for proper strategies to be implemented based on the research which focuses on target areas like new markets, expected future profit etc. This must be created with great consideration for all aspects related to the business development and growth.

You can Download the Free Business Strategy Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Strategy Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Free Business Strategy Template:

Free Business Strategy Template

Download Free Business Strategy Template

Business Strategy
Company Name: ___________________________ [Specify the registered name of the company here]

Description of Business: [Mention briefly the nature of the business here]

Business Strategy for the year: __________ [specify the year of formulating the business strategy]

Internal  Business Policies: [Elaborate on the existing management policies of the company]
Name ( List the names of people in charge of these policies) Designation (State the designated post each) Roles and Responsibilities(briefly state the duties here)
External Business Policies (Elaborate on the sales policies of the company)
Name Designation Roles and Responsibilities
Market Analysis Report: (highlight the necessary observations made during the market research)



New Business Policies: (Elaborate on the new plans to be implemented here)
Operational Plan ( this will refer to the new designations and roles offered to the existing management)


Management Policies (these will be created after the market analysis) Marketing and Sales Plan (the new target market will be highlighted here) Exit Strategy Plan (In case of failure of any of the new strategies, this will ensure that too much loss has not been suffered)

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