New Business Strategy Template

The new business strategy template is used by both established companies and the new commercial ventures of entrepreneurs in setting up and developing the new company. The template organizes and records the different plans and policies that are required to be adopted in order for the business to thrive in the long term. The template must make adequate provisions for the market research and new sales strategies that will be used as part of the new business strategy.

You can Download the Free New Business Strategy Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. New Business Strategy Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample New Business Strategy Template:

New Business Strategy Template

Download New Business Strategy Template

New Business Strategy
Name of Company: __________________________________[Mention the registered name of the company here]
Description:  [Briefly state the nature of the business of the company]
Business Strategy for:_____ to_____ [specify the business year for which the strategy is being formulated]
Brief Overview: [This will highlight the executive summary and current status of the business]
Management Operations [the current management policies need to be categorized here] Market Position [briefly state the current market position and the target market of the company] Sales Performance [state the profit or loss experienced by the company till date]
Market Research: [briefly state the findings made from the market analysis conducted]




New Business Planning Strategies:
Revised Management Operations [elaborate on the new duties and responsibilities of the management operations] Target Market Position [briefly discuss the new target market focus and the position expected to occupy] Expected Sales Performance [the expected profit to be made after implementation of these strategies is to be stated here]
Back-up Strategy: [create and mention an exit plan incase the new strategies are not successful]

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