How to Write a Business Receipt Template

Not sure about how to write a business receipt template? Writing a business receipt template is one of the easiest things and once you have created a template, you will never have to create another again. That’s the larger benefit of creating a business receipt template. A business receipt is a document that contains figures and information regarding a financial transaction. A business receipt can contain sales that took place at a retail outlet or even transaction details of corporate sales. The format for a business receipt template remains the same however and you can create the same using Microsoft Word or Excel. You can use the pre-installed templates in Microsoft Word and make necessary changes in them.

Business Receipt Template

When creating a business receipt template you need to fulfill certain formatting criteria’s. There are certain aspects that should be considered like the following:

  • Business Name and Logo: A business receipt template is incomplete without the business name and logo. It is important because it adds value and authenticity to the receipt. If there was no business name or logo then the receipt will be termed void legally.
  • Address and date: Apart from the name of the business, you need to also ensure that the complete address of your business is mentioned. You need to also include the email address, website URL if any, and phone number. You need to mention the date when the receipt was issued.
  • Deliver To: This is the column where you need to mention the name of the recipient and their address. This is normally used to keep track of who the business receipt was issued to and whether it was shipped along with company products.
  • Product details: This is another important part of the business receipt as it documents various aspects of the products sold. Ideally there should be four columns and they should be marked as product name or SKU, quantity of product purchased, unit price of the product, and total cost.

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