What is a Business Invoice Template

A business invoice template is basically a record of the sales issued for the convenience of the business firm to keep track of its cash inflow and outflow. It contains the name and relevant information about the company and is sent to the customers for their records, while the company also keeps a copy of its own to keep a tab on their business expenses.  One of the best ways to create an invoice is to construct a template beforehand and customize it according to the needs of the firm. To do so one must abide by the following instructions:

  • The header should bear space for mentioning the name of the company and its address underneath. Even space for designing company logo has to be chosen carefully such that it not only reflects the business objective of the firm but can also create a strong visual impact.
  • Space for specifying the heading of the invoice should be allotted cautiously as per the specifications of the local tax authorities to avoid any legal complications.
  • The template should bear a space to incorporate the invoice serial number and date every time a new transaction takes place in order to keep record.
  • There should be a separate column to state the payment method for the transaction and a space to enter the name and contact information of the customer.
  • Essentially, it is always advisable to present the body of the invoice in a tabular form bearing records of all the purchases, the number of items, item description and price.
  • A separate table may be constructed to bear the subtotal, addition of tax and shipping charges (if any) summing up to the grand total.
  • A space may be assigned at the bottom for providing any additional information for the customer, including payment and delivery instructions. Reminders about return and payment policies may also be mentioned here.

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