What Is A Business Presentation Template

The business presentation template is created utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint software in order to enable demonstration of business plans in a clear, effective and interesting manner. These templates, if constructed beforehand, may come in handy when introducing the viewer to the company’s basic plans as they provide a format for an overview of the company’s vision, staff, goals and objectives in a glance. Essentially, the presentation template consists of the following sections:

  • Mission Statement:  Provision for mentioning clear statement stating the company’s long term mission.
  • The Team: This space should list the name of CEO and the key management team and corresponding to it devote spaces for specifying their previous accomplishments and years of experience in the company.
  • Market Summary: The presentation must comprise of sections for specifying the reviews of the changes in market share, leadership, market shifts, costs, pricing or competition that generates the success of the company.
  • Opportunities: This is where the consumer problems may be stated and nature of products or service opportunities created to address them defined.
  • Business Concept: The key technology, concept or strategies upon which the business is founded has to be described here.
  • Competition: The competition faced and the advantages drawn from them are to be outlined here.
  • Goals and Objectives: The short term goals, market share objectives, revenue/ profitability objectives are stated here.
  • Financial Plan: This should illustrate the financial model and pricing assumptions as well as review for the yearly expected sales and profits for the preceding few years.
  • Resource Requirement:  The technology, personnel, resources (financial, distribution, promotional), products and services needed for the smooth running of the company are to be mentioned here. Funding, if required may be stated clearly with specifications.
  • Risks and Rewards: The risks involved in proposed projects and their probable solutions are to be summarised here along with the estimated pay off expected from the project.
  • Key Issues: Issues requiring short term and long term resolution must also be isolated and presented in this section.

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