What Is A Business Process Template

A business process is an assortment of inter-related tasks that perform a specific goal, designed to add value for the customer (s). They are aimed at the satisfaction of the customers’ need and its outcome should increase effectiveness (value for the customer) and efficiency (less expense for the company). They can be decomposed into several sub-processes that not only have their own attributes but also contribute to achieving the goal of the super-process. There are three kinds of business processes:

  • Management processes – these processes govern the operation of a system. Typical management processes include “Corporate Governance” and “Strategic Management”.
  • Operational processes- these processes constitute the core business and create the primary value stream. Typical operational processes are Purchasing, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Sales.
  • Supporting processes- these processes are designed to support the core processes. Examples include Accounting, Recruitment and IT-support.

A business process template must cover the following:

  • Location: the Business Unit, Department or Region to which the process will apply is identified.
  • Process Name: It recognizes the official name/abbreviation for the process.
  • Parent Activity/Process: the parent business activity or process is identified, if applicable.
  • Description: The main purposes of the processes are described in brief.
  • Primary Product(s): the primary product(s) are defined and its utility explained.
  • Trigger(s): the event(s) such as dates, human tasks, or external processes that trigger the process are mentioned.
  • Sub processes: with the decomposition of the main process, each sub process is to be isolated and described precisely.
  • Standard Path Events/Activities: the activities and events that occur for the main process are illustrated.
  • Activities and events that occur in a specific sub process are identified.
  • The trajectories of alternate paths that break off from the standard path are highlighted.
  • Alternative Path Events/Activities: the activities or events that occur as part of the alternative path for this process are traced with absolute clarity.


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