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A small business marketing template is a document that contains complete details of the marketing plans and programmes of a certain business firm that operates in a relatively small manner, investing less amounts, manufacturing small quantities of products and services, and earning profits and market shares accordingly. Marketing is an extremely important aspect in every kind of business, be it big or small. A template that deals with the marketing concepts and features of a small business should be framed according to the convenience of the organization or the involved person, so as to help in keeping track of all the business events.

You can Download the Free Small Business Marketing Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Small Business Marketing Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Small Business Marketing Template:

Small Business Marketing Template

Download Small Business Marketing Template

________________________________________ [Name]

______________________________________ [Address]

_________________________ [Contact number]

_____________________ [Website or email id]

[mention all details of the small business organization in letterhead format]

Name of proprietor: __________________________________________ [mention the name of the person who runs the business]
Business overview:

____________________________________________________________ [mention details of the area of business operation, type of business activities performed, etc.]

Financial structure:

  • ____________________________ [income]
  • ____________________________ [investments and miscellaneous expenditures]
  • ____________________________ [shares and debentures]
  • ____________________________ [loans]
  • ____________________________ [taxes]
TITLE OF  MARKETING STRATEGIES [mention the title of the marketing strategy] AREAS OF CONCERN [mention the various features of the respective marketing strategy] METHODS OF IMPLEMENTATION

[mention the various processes by which the marketing strategies can be involved]


[mention the exact amounts of money required for the definite marketing strategy]


[mention the other details of the strategy]

Small Business Marketing document prepared by:  ____________________________________ [mention name(s) of the person(s) involved in framing the document]

_____________________ [Signature(s)]

Date: ______________

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